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Riverland Ag Corp

Riverland Ag Corp (“Riverland Ag”), an agricultural grain storage and supply chain management business established in 2007, owns and operates 15 grain storage facilities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, New York, and Ontario with a aggregate storage capacity of approximately 56 million bushels (see map).

Riverland Ag is focused on cereal grain storage, customer-specific procurement (including contract-growing) practices and “process-ready” cleaning of specialty grains such as oats, barley, rye and durum wheat. It offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers to help manage the risks associated with the price, quality and availability of these essential food grains.

The facilities of Riverland Ag are strategically located, with excellent rail, truck and ship transportation logistics and in close proximity to major grain-processing facilities in the U.S. Many of Riverland Ag’s locations are at deep-water ports in the Great Lakes and along the Upper Mississippi River, allowing access for laker boats and barges, and enabling the efficient importation of grains from global sources.

Several of its facilities are qualified as “regular for delivery” locations for certain futures contracts on the Minneapolis and Chicago futures exchanges, allowing the company to earn carrying charges against grain stored for delivery to the exchanges by matching deliverable cash inventories with futures contracts. Currently, the majority of Riverland Ag’s storage space is utilized to capture grain arbitrage and merchandising opportunities. The balance is utilized to service third-party storage contracts with food and beverage companies wherein the third party owns the inventory or reimburses the interest cost of ownership and pays Riverland Ag for storage and elevation.

Riverland Ag is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceres Global Ag Corp. (“Ceres”). Besides its investment in Riverland, Ceres has significant capital available to invest in the growth of this business and related businesses in the agriculture sector. Ceres common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CRP”.


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